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Mr. So Yuk Kwan, the Chairman, founded AV Concept Group in the early 1980's.
Under his leadership, AV Concept achieved remarkable results in the sales and marketing of semiconductors contributing to our appointment by Samsung Electronics as its authorised distributor.
In October, the set up of AV Concept Singapore Pte Ltd embarked on the Group's expansion to the electronics industry in Singapore and South-east Asian countries.

Through vertical integration, the Group developed its design and manufacturing business in Baoan District, Shenzhen, the PRC with existing total floor area of about 200,000 square feet.

In January, AV Concept obtained Samsung's Best Distributor Award and Outstanding Achievement Sales Award in recognition of our excellent sales performance in the semiconductors market.

AV Concept established its first representative office in Shenzhen, the PRC to add synergy to its marketing and distribution network.
In April, AV Concept listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
AV Concept obtained Samsung's Best Performance Award in recognition of our excellent sales performance as well as contribution to cultivate strong customers relationship in the semiconductors market.
The Group's manufacturing facilities in Song Gang, Shenzhen was awarded ISO9002 certificate.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation appointed AV Concept as its authorized distributor.
In May, the Group invested in a world leading MP3 player manufacturer, Reigncom Limited (Mother company of iriver Limited), a Korean-based company
AV Concept obtained Samsung Electronics' Best Performance Award in distributorship.
In December, iriver Limited listed on KOSDAQ, a trading board of Korea Exchange (KRX) successfully

The Group launches its own brand SIGNEO with remarkable results and popularity.

In August, AV Concept made a joint venture arrangement with BreconRidge Manufacturing Solutions Corporation, a Canadian EMS manufacturer, regarding the operation of manufacturing facilities in Song Gang for further expansion of client base in North America.
In April, AV Concept entered into a sole distribution arrangement with SiTime Corporation to distribute the world's first commercially viable MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) silicon resonators.
The Song Gang production facility is TL9000, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001 certified.
In February, AV Concept received two awards from Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation, being:
(1) The Grand Award -- Best Distributor of Year 2006 based on the distributor's capabilities and overall performance in semiconductor distribution; and

The Outstanding Performance Award in Year 2006 – Best growth in POS (Resale).


Our management team perceptively steered the Group towards tapping the growing demand of HB LED wafer market by acquiring share capital in Wavesquare Inc. (“Wavesquare”), a Korean-based company engaged in the research, development and manufacture of blue vertical HB LED chips.
AV Concept entered into a joint venture agreement to form FLEX Technology Limited (“FLEX”), principally engaged in the distribution of LED for display backlight modules, which has become the first and only distributor of mid-power LED for display backlight modules to Samsung.
Wavesquare Inc. won the Minister of Knowledge and Economy Award in the first National Green Tech Awards presented by the Korean Government, Wavesquare is the only company in the LED industry to make the list of recipients.
In May, the Group invested in Accupix Co. Ltd., an exclusive manufacturer of 3D shutter glasses for LG’s 3D TVs., specialising in designing and providing solutions for 3D LED TV shutter glasses. The Group also obtained the global distribution rights (ex-Korea) for Accupix’s 3D shutter glasses.
The Group and its 7 affiliated companies obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.