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One Stop Centre for Distribution, Specialised Services in Asia

Reflecting its position as one of the largest semiconductor distributors in South China, AV Concept serves as a supply channel for a wide range of products from Samsung Electronics in the Greater China region and southeast Asian countries. The Group's extensive distribution network and experienced sales and marketing team have enabled the Group to become one of the largest semiconductor distributors for Samsung Electronics in the Asia Pacific region.

AV Concept’s value extends beyond being a semiconductor distributor, it is a one-stop service provider offering specialised services and expertise for semiconductor customers. Related services provided by the Group include:

  Technical design and engineering support via the Group's in-house engineering team;
  Provision of value-added services including assembly, design, kitting, just-in-time delivery and programming;
  Professional sales expertise for assisting clients with developing value-added solutions including the provision of after-sales services and technical support that addresses their specific applications needs.

Accordingly, AV Concept has successfully nurtured long-term relations with internationally renowned customers and suppliers, earning numerous accolades including the 'Best Distributor' of Samsung Electronics in the Asia Pacific Region.

While our specialised expertise has strengthened our existing partnerships, in response to business demand, AV Concept continues to expand its distribution portfolio, grasping suitable opportunities in the fast-changing electronics market, especially green tech and LED related business opportunities.

About AV Concept Limited

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Hong Kong, AV Concept Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AV Concept Holdings Limited. AV Concept is one of Asia’s leading electronics components distribution companies for Samsung Electronics, consolidating its prime business areas in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Its comprehensive sales and distribution network provides an important link in the semiconductor and electronics components supply chain across China and the South East Asia region.

With in-depth product knowledge and engineering know-how, AV Concept's in-house engineering team offers technical design and applications engineering support to customers at many stages. Together with our insight into local market conditions, that distinguishes us from our competitors. Our one-stop service capability has been crucial in helping us to maintain long-term relationships with major suppliers and customers.

Looking ahead, AV Concept is confident of its ability to establish new partnerships spurred by an ever-expanding PRC manufacturing industry. Over the past two decades, AV Concept has continuously sourced from around the world innovative and quality electronics components to tap the flourishing PRC market. In 2006, the Group won the sole distributorship in Asia for the world's first commercially viable MEMS ("micro-electro-mechanical systems") silicon resonators created by US based SiTime Corporation. Through its value-added one-stop services, AV Concept has succeeded in expanding its distribution network by steady growth even during the financial downturn.

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About AV Concept Singapore Pte Ltd

State-of-the-Art Technology Provider in South and Southeast Asia

Established in 1989, AV Singapore is the regional headquarter of the Group's semiconductor business in South East Asia and the Pacific region. AV Singapore works closely together with our customers and suppliers through our representative offices in India, the Philippines and Indonesia. Whilst focusing in the sales and distribution of semiconductors from Samsung Electronics, AV Singapore has continued to expand its distribution portfolio which includes Western Digital, Virtium, Sitronix and Everlight.

Western Digital’s SiliconDrive is an advanced embedded solid-state storage technology engineered exclusively for the Enterprise System OEM market. SiliconDrive offers high performance and high reliability with a low total cost of ownership. The Group believes the business co-operation with Western Digital, Virtium and Sitronix brings in new synergy for growth potential in its sales and distribution business segment.

Riding on the Group's solid experience and comprehensive network in the PRC and in the Asia Pacific semiconductor and electronics supply chain, the semiconductor distribution business segment remains as the core business of the Group. This segment has been able to achieve consistently outstanding performance over the years. Moving forward, AV Concept will continue its dedication to bring newer technologies and better services to Asia’s electronics industry, striving to maintain long-term sales and margin growth.

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