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Consumer products and product sourcing

The consumer products and brand omni-channel business is currently being managed under E-GoGo Limited (“E-GoGo”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. In addition to the three major businesses namely brand management, brand licensing and products procurement under the consumer products business, E-GoGo also actively develops online and offline omni-channel services for the Southeast Asia markets to stay in-line with the needs of brand customers.


In terms of consumer products business, we mainly carry electronic products including long-lasting traditional household white goods to the latest technology gadgets which target markets in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. In the brand management, E-GoGo is currently carrying a wide range of products, which is mainly managed by Signeo Design International Limited ("Signeo Design"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, including traditional and durable household white goods, personal gadgets, high-tech products and lifestyle goods with brands coming from home and abroad. In the brand licensing, Signeo Design has secured the brand licensing from multiple brands, including main brands such as Nakamichi and Philips.


In terms of brand omni-channel business, with rapidly growing market share in the consumer products industry, these world-renowned brands have started using E-GoGo’s e-commerce service, providing comprehensive online and offline marketing strategies and appropriate market analysis, channel coverage recommendations and assessment for the Southeast Asia markets. E-GoGo mainly developed e-commerce business in Indonesia, providing one-stop marketing solution that includes brand strategy, e-commerce, digital advertising, client relations, community management, IT solution, consultation services, warehouse management and logistics for the well-known companies such as Philips and Lining in the local market.


In addition to B2B business, E-GoGo is also actively expanding the business model of other businesses such as B2C business to diversify income and strengthen the brand’s omni-channel business. E-GoGo is committed to becoming a provider of technology development and solutions for leading e-commerce business partner brands in the Southeast Asian market,.

including Hong Kong (operated by E-GoGo and Signeo Design), Taiwan (under Signeo Design International Limited (Taiwan Branch)), Singapore (under Signeo Design-Richgo Singapore Pte. Ltd.) and Indonesia (under PT Egogo Hub Indonesia).


In the future, it will also look for potential venture capital opportunities in other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam to strengthen synergies between businesses in different regions.


E-GoGo will put consumer products business and deepening of brand and customer base as mission and set consistent consumer shopping experience as the goal, to focus on providing one-stop business solutions for omni-channel brand management for business customers.

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