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Internet Social Media


The internet social media business is currently managed by 830 Lab Limited (“830 Lab”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. 830 Lab is the main company operating in this business segment.


830 Lab is dedicated to helping its clients to promote their brands and businesses online. 830 Lab offers not only web design and development services, but also the one-stop online content creation services which including filming and photography. With different kinds of services provided, 830 Lab attracted the attention of various major brands and entered into collaborations using its unique one-stop creative content promotion solution. 

Except the professional digital related services, 830 Lab also develops its online parenting platform, “He She Kids”, since its inception, has engaged in creating and producing high-quality videos. Providing extensive baby care information and videos on both “He She Kids” website and Facebook page, which keeps up with hot topics, is becoming increasingly recognized and valued by parents.

With the digital wave spreading globally and reshaping the media industry, the Group will continue leveraging its existing Internet social media resources to capture future growth opportunities.

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