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New Media


The internet social media business is currently managed by 830 Media Limited (“830 Media”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. Under 830 Media, there are two companies operating in this business segment, 830 Lab Limited (“830 Lab”) and Whizoo Media Limited (“Whizoo Media”).


830 Lab is a creative content incubator that helps media entrepreneurs or

content creators enter the digital media business. The services provided by the

830 Lab mainly include management training, technical support, production

support, big data analysis and digital marketing tools. 830 Media, which

focuses on nurturing creative talent, is dedicated to discovering creative talents and teams that publish short films via social media through its creative media incubator, 830 Lab.


Whizoo Media is an internet social media company that specializes in video production of popular topics and publishes these original creative videos on major social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. to attract the new generation of young consumers to become loyal fans of these original content. Whizoo Media successfully attracted attention between international and local famous brands, through different levels of one-stop creative content solutions and introductions of related products or services on the Facebook page of Whizoo Media. Its high quality original videos are acclaimed, attracting a lot of pageviews.


With Whizoo Media’s operating strategy, 830 Media also launched the

Facebook page “He She Kids” for parents. The page is developing rapidly and

is popular among parents. It provides lots of baby care information and videos.


In addition to its commitment to develop original bands, 830 Media has also

invested in OneShot Concept Limited, an associate company which owns the

"冬 OT" brand, for a more diversified development strategy in the internet

social media business.

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