Internet Social Media


Media Business is being introduced in year 2017 combining the new online media business under Whizoo Media and the gaming and mobile application business under Koocell Limited. Whizoo Media is an internet media company, which focuses on video production on trending topics. It mainly produces short videos, including interviews, introductions and short comedy dramas. It publishes the videos on different online platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Line and Wechat. Koocell Limited (“Koocell”), which is a wholly owned subsidiary by the Group, is responsible for two separate lines of businesses, namely, online advertising and game development. Koocell continues to grow healthily in recent years. For game development, Koocell is now focusing its resources on growing online traffic through development of viral content including but not limited to short videos and mini quizzes. For online advertising, Koocell is working on increasing the market share by finding more customers who are interested in digital advertising.